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We are a hard-working, animal-loving, fluff-embracing power duo, and we each give the phrase "crazy dog lady" a whole new meaning!

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  • Dog Groomer 

  • Trainer 

  • Experienced Grooming Teacher 

  • Co-Owner of Riverdog Studio

I've been an animal lover ever since I can remember, always fascinated by the curious animal world and notoriously bringing stray pets into my parent's home. After years of dreaming of having my own dog, my wish finally came true at the age of 15, when my family rescued a 6 month old bundle of trouble and joy - a Cocker Spaniel named Rafi. He was my first canine love and the reason I've always known my dream job would have to be all about dogs.

I studied languages instead to become a translator, only to find office jobs weren't my thing. In my search for excitement, I moved to London.

Call it fate, a few years later I crossed paths with another troubled dog and instantly fell in love with her. Kira was about to be abandoned by her 4th owner and my heart just couldn't take it. In spite of all her problems, I decided to adopt her.

Taking in a 6yo unsocialised and untrained Staffie cross has been one of the toughest challenges I have faced. I spent months training and teaching her from scratch, reaching the limits of my patience and confidence on numerous occasions - but we never gave up.

The progress Kira has made and the unconditional love I receive from her each day have been worth every second of the frustration she and I experienced over the years. She became the inspiration and the four legged motivation behind my going back to studying, this time in dog behaviour and training. Helping Kira made me remember my teenage dreams and eventually led me to discover the wonders of the dog grooming world.

All of this allowed me to finally combine my love for dogs and my entrepreneurial spirit, which led to the creation of RiverDog Studio itself.

What I have learnt throughout the years is this: it is never too late to turn your life around, and you absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks. This is all reflected in the way we work at RiverDog Studio. 

We are all about your pup's comfort and health above all else and we always make sure we are grooming in a relaxed environment your dog does not need to fear. Because as I like to say, grooming should be fun - and it is never too late for your dog to see it.


  • Dog Groomer

  • Behaviourist

  • Co-Owner of RiverDog Studio

Having grown up in Norfolk surrounded by small furry and feathered friends, I can safely say that animals have always been important to me - but my interest in dogs really came about with our family spaniel, oscar. In hindsight, we suspect he came from a puppy farm and whilst a beautiful and loving dog, he had some behaviour issues which took several years to overcome. During this time our own training was just as important as his as we tackled different approaches to his quirks. He is now a sweet and content boy, and even at his mature age his wily ways are endlessly entertaining!

After moving away and finishing university, I began boarding dogs in London, and my fascination with pack behaviour, leadership, and dog welfare reignited. In 2017 I bought a Miniature Schnauzer pup called Basil, and in 2018 I gave a presentation in London on how looking after dogs improves individual teamwork skills. That same year I began working for a wonderful dog daycare company, where I met Basia and my grooming training began.

Opening RiverDog Studio is the culmination of almost a year of work, and I’m incredibly proud that we’ve made it this far! Dog grooming is a trade I am passionate about - as much about healthcare as aesthetics, it allows me to do what I’ve always known is right: put the dog first. We have fun with our grooming and it shows; the dogs in our care are made a big fuss of and focused on, minimising the stressful side of the experience for them.


Basil is sweet, docile and cheeky. He’s shown an ability to befriend even the most aloof dogs and enjoys chasing tennis balls (which he throws for himself). 

He’s always in the shop to greet you and your pups and he takes his job very seriously!