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 Please read our policy carefully. By registering with us you are agreeing to the following:


COAT CONDITION: The groomers of RiverDog Studio are required to prioritise the dog’s comfort over aesthetics. In the event that your dog’s coat is matted, the groomer will propose a full clip off. In this instance the groomer will attempt to contact you up to three times in twenty minutes before they clip the coat. RiverDog Studio reserves the right to terminate the appointment if the owner’s requests are not in line with the dog’s welfare. If the dog’s fur is severely matted, there is also an increased risk of clipper burn/cuts despite the best efforts of the groomer. The owner must also recognise that matted pets take longer to groom, so there will be an additional fee alongside the regular grooming price. 


HEALTH: Grooming can be stressful for dogs and it is imperative that the groomer is informed if the dog has any heart conditions and/or any stress-related issues prior to grooming. The owner is also obligated to provide details of any medical conditions, medication and ANY signs of parasites for the safety and wellbeing of all other animals attending. The dog must also be up to date on all vaccinations prior to every grooming. 

WE CANNOT ACCEPT DOGS WITH FLEAS. If fleas are found on the dog during the groom, a charge will be applied to cover the closure of the shop for extensive cleaning


EMERGENCIES: In the unlikely event of an emergency, RiverDog Studio will immediately seek medical attention for your dog, but you (the owner) will be responsible for the cost of any treatment. All attempts will be made to contact you in such an event. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you need to change the appointment time or cancel it, you must give at least 24 hours notice so that the appointment time can be made available to others. Cancellations within 24hrs of the appointment will result in a 50% missed appt fee.


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