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Brushing Doesn't Need To Include Teeth! 5 tips for teaching your pup to enjoy being brushed

For anyone who knows they should be brushing their dog more but who's hound has other ideas, we hear you. If your dog really hates being brushed, then you could be facing anything from feeling guilty as they give you the big eyes to full blown biting...

The conundrum is: most dogs require brushing. If your dog hates it, it's very easy to tell yourself that it doesn't matter and slink off while they stand triumphant next to a chewed brush... but much like children brushing their teeth, it's something they need to learn to tolerate for the sake of their health. This is because knotted fur causes painful skin sores, a damaged coat and usually leads to a very short haircut to avoid putting your pup through any more discomfort.

Knots can also collect mud, food, poop, or anything else Woofy Woofington finds throughout his day, and after a while... those STINK. (Believe me, I know and sympathise - "I'll be a dog groomer," I thought! "It'll be fun and not at all whiffy," I thought!)

So here are our top tips for making brushing an easier activity for everyone involved:

~ Wait until your dog is tired and relaxed before attempting it. After the evening walk is a great time!

~ If your dog doesn't like the brush, start by stroking them, picking up their paws, feeling their ears, and generally showing them that it's a time for nice fuss and attention.

~ Return with more treats and reward your dog for sniffing the brush in your hand, and then for letting you brush them very lightly with it.

~ If they are bored rather than afraid, bring something for them to do while you're brushing them (for example a licky mat with peanut butter on it, or a stuffed Kong)

~ Make sure you're using the right brush! Different coat textures require different brush types so as not to pull or scratch the skin.

If you need any advice on the best brushes for your dog's fur-type then bring your pup to see us, and we can advise from there!

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